Religious and Secular Perspectives

Edited by Terry Nardin
(Princeton University Press, 1996)


Part One:  The Classic Debate:  Natural Law and Political Realism

1    The Ethics of War and Peace in the Catholic Natural Law Tradition
       John Finnis, Oxford University

2    Just War Thinking in Catholic Natural Law
       Joseph Boyle, University of Toronto

3     Realism and the Ethics of War and Peace
       David R. Mapel, University of Colorado

4     Realism, Morality, and War
       Jeff McMahan, University of Illinois

Part Two:  Expanding the Dialogue:  Judaism and Islam

5    War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition
      Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

6     Prohibited Wars in the Jewish Tradition
       Aviezer Ravitzky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

7    War and Peace in Islam
       Bassam Tibi, University of Gottingen

8    Interpreting the Islamic Ethics of War and Peace
       Sohail Hashmi, Mt. Holyoke College


Part Three:  Critical Perspectives: Christian Pacifism and Feminism

9    Christian Nonviolence:  An Interpretation
       Ted Koontz, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries

10  Conflicting Interpretations of Christian Pacifism
       Michael G. Cartwright, Allegheny College

11   Is there a Feminist Tradition on War and Peace?
       Jean Bethke Elshtain, University of Chicago

12  Toward a Feminist Ethics of War and Peace
       Sarah Tobias, Columbia University

Part Four:  Comparative Overview

13  The Comparative Ethics of War and Peace
       Terry Nardin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

14  Divine Justice, Evil, and Tradition: Comparative Reflections
       Richard B. Miller, Indiana University