Ethical Issues in The Transnational Migration of People and Money

Edited by Brian Barry and Robert E. Goodin
(Harvester-Wheatsheaf and Penn State University Press, 1992)




1    A reader’s guide
      Brian Barry, London School of Economics

2    If people were money
       Robert E. Goodin, Australian National University


Liberal Egalitarian Perspectives

3    Migration and morality: A liberal egalitarian perspective
       Joseph H. Carens, University of Toronto

4    Ethics and economic relations
       I.M.D. Little, Oxford University

5    Commentary: Liberalism and migration
       James Woodward, California Institute of Technology


Libertarian Perspectives

6    Libertarianism and the transnational migration of people
       Hillel Steiner, University of Manchester

7    The Migration of money — from a libertarian viewpoint
       Deepak Lal, University College, London

8    Commentary: Magic associations and imperfect people
       Onora O’Neill, Cambridge University


Marxist Perspectives

9    Marxism and the transnational migration of people:  Ethical issues
       Chris Brown, University of Southampton

10   Transnational migration of money and capital — A Marxist perspective
       Kurt Hubner, Free University of Berlin

11  Commentary:  Citizen exploitation, unequal exchange, and the breakdown of popular sovereignty
       Philippe Van Parijs, Universite Catholique de Louvain


Natural Law Perspectives

12  The transnational migration of people and money seen within a natural law tradition
       Ann Dummett, Commission for Racial Equality

 13  Natural law, solidarity, and international justice
       Paul J. Weithman, Notre Dame University

14  Commentary on Dummett and Weithman
       John Finnis, Oxford University


Political Realist Perspectives

15  Migration in law and ethics:  a realist perspective
       David C. Hendrickson, Colorado College

16  Ethics and the movement of money:  Realist approaches
       Susan Strange, European University Institute

17  Commentary:  The political realism of free movement
       Robert E. Goodin, Australian National University


Concluding Perspectives

18  Alternative ethical perspectives on transnational migration
       Terry Nardin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

19  The quest for consistency:  A sceptical view
       Brian Barry, London School of Economics